About Flow

My practice was founded on the first of January 2000. (nice date, if I may say so myself) In the intervening years I have gained experience in many areas; treated many people, each with their unique personality and specific complaints.

If you want to work with people, in my personal opinion, you need to be well versed. I attended my training at the Dutch Shiatsu Academy, a five-year undergraduate program. A study program where Shiatsu, Western medical courses and traditional Chinese medicine are central. In addition I followed another eight subsidiary subject courses. With this the foundations for my practice were laid. Every year I follow refresher courses to keep my knowledge up to date.

After obtaining my diploma, it only got started. I sometimes jokingly said, now I throw all my books out of the window and go working for “real”. This isn’t quite how it works, the basics are there. From there I started to give substance to the subject I learned.

My vision:
I don’t like to think in boxes: of regular medicine versus complementary/alternative medicine. It is my biggest wish that both parties would work together, so that we together could come up with the best treatment for everyone who needs taking care of.

I think it’s important that the people who visit my practice feel at ease. That they can be whom they want to be, without any judgment about ethnicity, origin, gender or religion. Every person is unique and that’s how I treat people as well. There aren’t any standard treatments in my practice, every client gets his or her own treatment, focused on the present moment.

Together we will search for what underlies your problems and how you could prevent these in the future. The beauty here is that we learn from each other. I learn as much from you as you from me.

Why the name Flow and the pictures of the water?
Personally, I have a big passion for water and all that lives in it. Especially whales are my biggest love. Not only I, but also you are strongly connected with water, our body even consists of 60% water! Water is always moving, constantly changing and adapting to the environment. The same is true for us people, we are constantly subject to change and tune in to the life around us, every day again. For many of us this will happen unnoticed, but sometimes you need some help with that, because your body is protesting or your mind is overflowing.

When you call for my help, I will invoke all that is in my power to help you. To do this, I use different techniques, which you will find under the headertreatments.


Alphen aan den Rijn

About Marjo van Dam:

What can I tell you about myself? Let me describe myself in catchwords:
People’s person, engaged, creative, athletic, adventurous, communicative, writer, realist, optimist, spiritual, keen on travelling, positive, water person, inquisitive, talent for organizational, perfectionist, open, attentive, there.

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